The Reasons

1. You are BeYOUtiful

Everyone is beautiful in their own way and it is okay to let your personality shine through. Everyone is beautiful both inside and out. 

2. You would be missed

Sometimes it seems like you are the only one on the journey called life, but the journey won’t be the same without you. So many people would miss you and their life would NOT be the same without you. 

3. You are needed

So many people rely on you for various things, whether that be to get up out of bed in the morning so they can see you,  to take care of them, or whatever else it is. People do need you even when it seems they don’t. 

4. You can't be replaced

There is only one you. You are the only one with your smile. You are the only one with your personality. Everyone has their own unique self and NOBODY can replace you. 

5. You are loved

There is so much love in this world. Sometimes, hatred takes over but we need to let the love shine through. You ARE loved. 

6. You make me smile

You may not know who it is but you do make someone smile. Weather that’s a picture you take, a memory you share or your smile across a room, you make someone smile.  :)

7. You have a purpose

You were put on this earth for a reason. Maybe it’s something small like planting a tree or something big like solving global warming, one way or another you you are making a difference for the better. 

8. You are worth it

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or  

No matter what anyone else says, you ARE worth it. You deserve your spot on earth and anyone would be lucky to know you. 

9. You got this

I believe in you. I believe you can get through this. You might not know me and I might not know you but I DO believe in you. 

10. It will get better

It might feel like this will never end but things always come to an end. Whatever your going through WILL pass over. 

11. No second chance

You might be saying “but that’s exactly what I want, I don’t want a second chance” but take a minute and image all the things you would be missing out on. College, marriage, friendships, pizza, children, new movies, a vacation to the moon or even flying cars. All things people from the 1800’s would want to experience, but couldn’t. Experience it for them, through them. 

12. You are not alone

There are others that struggle with similar situations and there are people that want to help and will accept who you are. 

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13. Be the difference

You hear about all these statistics revolving around suicide. Don’t become one of those. Push through, you've got this.   

14. Nothing is that bad...promise

Yes, your situation may be horrible, but nothing is bad enough to take your own life and to take a loving, caring person away from your friends, family, community and people. There are so many people who care and many of them you may not even know yet 

What's your why NOT?

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If you have reasons why NOT, we'd love to hear it.  If you wish to remain anonymous please feel free to use name Anonymous and in the email field.  If you don't want it posted that is fine too. Just let us know. 

Your Why NOTs

Here are some of the why NOTs sent to us:

I am the only ME there is and one day I will know my purpose!

There is too much potential for experiences and happiness that have not yet happened.

Try to live your happiest life.

Remember … Unique begins with YOU!

Because life is a gift.

Don't kill yourself due to bullying or sexual orientation. I almost did but I was able to move past it because I knew I had so much to live for. 

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