our journey


5.26.2017 - Original Idea

In school, we were doing a project on Human rights and I (Haley Miller) was assigned the right to life.  This was originally a group project and  we had decided to tackle suicide. We had made a google slide about the statistics about suicide. I then decided I wanted to take the project to another level. That is when  the shirt was thought of. It started at Thirteen Reasons Why NOT, but it had to later be changed. 

6.2.2017 - Reasons/ Shirt Making

The 13 reasons why Not and design was originally thought of. 

6.5.2017 - Present To Class/Teachers

I (Haley Miller) presented the original design to my class and a group of teachers to get feedback on the design and concept.

2.26.2018 - Shirt Re-Launched

I (Haley Miller) re-launched the shirt as 13 Reasons Why NOT to see where it could go and who we could impact. 

3.15.2018 - Annika Jaros Joined The Group

Annika Jaros joined the team so I (Haley Miller) could get feedback and be introduced to new ideas. 

3.20.2018 - Background Research

We decided to dig a little deeper and learn a little bit more about mental health, depression, self-harm and suicide statics. 


3.25.2018 - New And Improved Shirt Design

We updated the design of the shirt to "14 reasons why not due to trademark.

3.27.2018 - Partnered With Be Nice

We reached out to a local mental health organization called Be Nice for their mental health research and education resources. 

4.14.2018 - Bought Domain

Bought our original domain, "14whynot.org". 

4.24.2018 - Entered Into Changemakers

We entered the T-Mobile changemakers contest for a chance to win a pool of money, support from professions/ public and a chance to get our project out there.

5.4.2018 - First Round Of Shirts Printed

Our first round of "14 reasons why NOT" shirts were printed and passed out to our closes supporters, such as our teacher, Nate Langel. 

5.11.2018 - Passed Our Order Forms At School

We decided to tackle our school first. We talked to our principle and superintendent and got the shirts approved as uniform so kids could wear them to school. We printed 300 order forms and had only a few left after we finished.


5.21.2018 - Transferred Domain

We purchased 14whynot.com and 14reasonswhynot.org from Godaddy.   We then developed our website, created an SSL certificate and set up our online store. We then forwarded 14whynot.org from Squarespace (our original registrar) and 14reasonswhynot.org to 14whynot.com.

5.12.2018 - Pictures For Site

We took all the pictures that are on our site on May 12. 

5.13.2018 - Drafted Online Store

Populated our online store by choosing pictures, prices and payment. 

5.14.2018 - First Public "Why NOT"

We got our first public "Why NOT" using our website 

"I am the only ME there is and one day I will know my purpose!"

5.15.2018 - Received DBA

Filed for a DBA (Doing business as) so we could officially count as a business and opened a bank account. 

Ripple Effect Movie

5.25.2018 - Sold Out

First round of shirts sells out.  Second round ordered.

6.3.2018 - Bussiness Cards

Business cards are printed so we can better spread the word to those we speak with.

6.8.2018 - 2,000!!!

14reasons website has its 2000th view

6.21.2018 - More shirts

Second round shirts finally in.

6.26.2018 - Ripple Effect & Kevin Hines

Attended the movie Suicide: Ripple Effect and met with Kevin Hines who was very inspirational. He has an AMAZING story.  Also met with a lot of great people and organizations that share a common mission of suicide prevention and mental health awareness. 

See the trailer here

6.28.2018 - Anna Bright Story

Further inspired in our mission while finding others who are affected by suicide and 13 Reasons series.

Anna Bright Story

7.4.2018 - Spreading Awareness

We spend their 4th of July walking with the Grandville, MI parade wearing the shirt, handing out cards and spreading awareness.  The feedback and support is inspiring.

7.6.2018 - Changemakers

Proud to have been part of the Changemakers program and for all we learned from the process.  While not selected to go to Seattle to present, we are proud of what we've accomplished so far and look forward to continuing our mission.

7.24.2018 - More Business Cards

Ordered 1,000 more business cards  

8.5.2019 - Signed Up For "Out Of The Darkness Walk"

Signed up for a suicide awareness walk in Grand Rapids MI. 

8.15.2018 - Orientation

Had our High School Orientation where Haley spoke about the project in front of many board members and passed out business cards. 

8.23.2018 - Added Emry Herring to the 14 movement

Added our 3rd member, Emry Herring to the 14 movement to bring new ideas, give feedback and help with film. 

9.9.2018 - Block Party

Had to opportunity to attend a block party in Annika's neighborhood. Passed out business cards and talked to people about stories they could share. 

9.16.2018 - Walk

Haley and Annika went to a AFSP out of the darkness walk in Grand Rapids MI. We walked in honor of Haley's uncle who died by suicide about 16 years ago.  

9.24.2018 - Art prize speech

Haley, Emry and Annika got the opportunity to speak at a event hosted by GRPS (Grand Rapids Public Schools) and Artprize. We spoke about statics, how our movement began and our plans for the future. 

10.17.2018 - Kevin Hines #2

We got another chance to meet with Kevin Hines; this time, at Rockford High School. We also got his book signed!

10.24.2018 - Spoke At Our School Wide Meeting

We had the opportunity to speak at our school wide meeting and spread awareness about mental health and how we began our movement. 

11.5.2018 - Learned About The Meijer Great Choice Film Festival

We learned about the Meijer great choice film festival from a teacher at our school. We choose the topic of health living and hope to create a 30 second PSA. 

11.6.2018 - Partnered With Club For Bullying

We partnered with a club at our school to create a skit about the affects of bullying and mental health. 

11.10.2018 - Online Forms For School Program

Drafted a shirt ordering form for school program. Still working on logistics. 

11.25.2018 - Started Filming

We started filming for our shirt film about Suicide and Mental health 

12.19.2018 - New 14 Pictures

Took new pictures for our site with our new member, Emry Herring!