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Mental Health, self harm & suicide awareness

Our mission: We hope to foster positive conversation of and about mental health, self harm and suicide through events, the reasons and our shirt. All profits  go towards mental health research and the expandment of our brand.

OUR video

Additional Information:

We had the amazing opportunity to work with Big Event Studios to  produce this video! We hope that you take a minute to watch it !

Sometimes we struggle with the idea if our concern makes a difference, are we prepared to deal with complex issues of self harm and suicide ? Honestly, no. Like us all, we are works in progress and are hopeful that this video helps you see and feel your importance. The feeling of being upset, along, and hurt are real, you are not alone. Our busy, confused minds are with you. Don't give up, don't ever give up. 

About Us


We are two teenagers interested in self-harm and suicide prevention awareness and want to make a positive change. The shirt was originally thought of after the release of the Netflix Series "Thirteen Reasons Why" when we noticed increased talk and jokes revolving around suicide. We decided to take a positive spin on things, change the message and create a shirt that provides reasons why NOT.   We hope to  spread awareness about self harm, mental illness and suicide with this shirt along with school outreach and kid centered programs.